About AIF

What is AIF ?

AIF was founded on 25 th September 2005. It is the abbreviation of Association of International Floralies.

The Association of International Floralies is a partnership between four organisers of international flower shows (Floralies). At present, the AIF represents the Floralies of Ghent, Genoa, Budapest, and Nantes and thereby welcomes over 1.4 million visitors!
The five-yearly Floralies of Ghent (2010), Genoa (2011), Budapest (2013), and Nantes (2014) follow each other in succession.

Floralies are already a unique concept in and of themselves and comprise four fixed pillars:

The most important section comprises the flower and plant exhibition. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy some magnificent flowers and plants, creative ornamental gardens, flower arranging, and landscape gardening. This promotional section is aimed especially at private visitors.

In addition, attention is also paid to B2B relations. Ornamental plant cultivation companies can welcome their clients to their stands, but there is also scope for the wider business community to take care of their contacts.

Thirdly, the Floralies also include a section for private sales where products are sold directly to visitors.

Finally, the Floralies are always an exquisite meeting place for organising study days, workshops, and conferences etc.

The Floralies of Ghent, Genoa, Budapest, and Nantes pay considerable attention to the professional application of these four pillars in their Flower Shows. The partnership between these Flower Shows makes AIF an international meeting forum for all players active in the international ornamental plant cultivation sector. In addition, international companies can focus on a large target group of private visitors via AIF.

 The members of the European circuit are: